Different Kinds of Teaching Jobs


The teaching industry is a very broad field. There are many kinds of teaching jobs around, and each kind offers endless job opportunities. Indeed, the teaching field is a very productive and highly beneficial field to join nowadays.

The different levels in education provide a lot of job opportunities for teachers. Teachers can choose from jobs in primary education, secondary, or special education. Each job post is different from the next, and requires a different set of skills and knowledge.

Primary teachers are teachers who teach students in the preschool, kindergarten, and elementary levels. The job of primary teachers is more challenging than that of secondary teachers. This is primarily because of the broader scope of their job. Primary school teachers teach almost all the major subjects and handle all the aspects of primary education. This is what makes a primary teacher jobs distinct from secondary teacher jobs. A secondary teacher job is more specialized, focused, and specific. Secondary teachers are those who teach secondary school, or high school students. This means that a secondary teacher should have an area of focus, choosing from any of the subjects taught to high school students. These subjects are math, English, biology, chemistry, physics, and many others. The challenge of being a secondary teacher lies in the fact that they deal with secondary school students, who are more independent and have varied interests than primary school students.

Aside from the two basic types of teachers, there are also teachers who handle special types of education. There are Montessori teachers who teach in Montessori schools. Their job is very distinct from that of an ordinary school teacher. A Montessori teacher is mostly a guide for the students, unlike in ordinary school teaching jobs where the teacher’s job is the focal point of education. Aside from that, teaching jobs also include the teachers who teach special cases, such as handicapped children or children with mental challenges. Such teachers should be flexible and adaptable to be able to cope with the special needs of the special students.

The expanse of teaching jobs also involves the administrative teacher posts such as head teacher jobs, principal jobs, and department heads. Head teacher posts require leadership and managerial skills. They should also have excellent teaching skills. Some head teachers still have teaching responsibilities, while some don’t. However, for them to be able to evaluate the curriculum and the performance of the teachers in their team, they should also have teaching background and experiences. Principals need strong operational skills to head the teachers and the school staff, and department heads should have extensive subject knowledge and leadership skills as well. The other side of the hierarchy is also still considered a teaching job. There are assistant teaching posts available, wherein the assistant teacher is expected to assist and help out the primary teacher in handling the students.

With all of these options when it comes to teaching jobs, the opportunities are quite endless, and teaching jobs are offering brighter prospects than ever.


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