Discussing The Best Surfing Spots In Morocco for Beginners and Experts


Have you ever toured a country where the official language is Arabic? If not, consider travelling to Morocco, Africa, very soon. A North African country, Morocco boasts beaches along the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean. Its capital city is Rabat. There is a lot to see and a lot to do when you arrive in this beautiful country. One of the main activities you should aim to do is surfing. The country’s coastline has many areas that are great for surfing regardless of whether you have done it before.

As afore-mentioned, there are many areas for surfers in this African country. Prior to starting your trip, however, you should know where you can have memorable surfing activities. The most renowned destination for lovers of surfing is Essaouira. A city that was constructed in the 18th century, and a real Medina and harbour, Essaouira is in the UNESCO World Heritage list. With enough restaurants, bars, accommodation facilities, shops, and art galleries, you can stay in this city for as long as your visa could allow you.

With regard to surf spots, Essaouira has many including the Moulay Bouzerktoun in Safi City. It is a town that is located about thirty kilometres north of Essaouira, and has a spectacular landscape consisting of sand dunes, beaches, hills, creeks and plains. When Cherqui, the northern wind, is very gentle, advanced surfers could surf peacefully. Sidi Kaouki, about twenty-five kilometres south of Essaouira, is another perfect destination for ardent surfers. Accessed via the road to Agadir, Sidi Kaouki’s main surfer’s spots are located in an area where Berbers occupy.

Many free surfing zones are offered here, as well as classes for tourists who have never done it before. For beginners, a small to medium swell is safe and less challenging and can be found at the Mausoleum beach break. Essaouira bay is perfect for beginners too, or tourists who wish to surf for fun. Great waves are usually found on the southern end where kite flying and other wind sports also take place. A lot of affordable lessons are offered in this popular place as well.

One cannot go wrong with the Plage Safi too, a large beach area with rocky slabs. It frequently offers strong and powerfully curly waves for advanced surfers. Less advanced surfers could indulge when there is a little swell for safety reasons. Imsouane is a fishing port that also supports water sports. The village can be accessed in just one and a half hours drive from another surfing town called Taghazout. Not only will you be able to camp in a quiet, beautiful, heavenly place but also surf an amazing wave.

A surfer’s haven, Imsouane Bay boasts the longest beach break in Africa, which is also among the most admired in the world. If you have not surfed before, and you consider yourself a novice, do not leave Morocco without visiting the Devils Rock. It offers left and right waves and a safe sandy bottom for a starter like you. After a session, go to one of the local restaurants for a trouble-free relaxation and delicious local cuisines.


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