Homeschooling, A Beginners Guide Part IV


For the homeschooling parent, organization is

never ending. There are thousands of ways to

organize your lessons, your schoolroom, your

schedule, your materials…..

The best advice I can give about organization is

keep it simple. If you have a complicated, color

coded, alphabetical, by subject, per child filling

system that takes ten minutes per paper to catalogue

you are not going to follow through. A spread sheet

works great.

Use plastic tubs to store each child’s school

materials and have lots of paper, pencils glue and

crayons. Buy notebooks by the gross, you will use a

million of them.

Organizing lesson plans can be as simple as using

a colored folder for each child. Print each weeks

assignments and divide the subjects with different

colored paper. Personally, I print the assignments

for each week and staple each day separately. I was

taking way too much time hole punching all of the lessons

to make up folders. Now we just staple each days lessons

together and they take that days lessons out of the folder.

Finding the best method of organization for your

homeschool is trial and error. Try something for a

while, if it isn’t working rethink the problem and try

something else. Get your kids involved. If they think

up an idea they’re more likely to try it.


Source by Camilla Ricketts


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